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During my internship at POC Sweden, I researched the possibilities for a freeride backpack combined with a vest. The project resulted in a working prototype. 

Focus subject:

Research & prototype 

#ergonomy #fashion #hybrid #textile

In collaboration with:


A selection of eyewear

suggested for Neubaus future collections. The concept suggests a regenerative 

life-cycle for a personal and

expressive product. 

Focus subject:

3D-modelling & life-cycle

#regenerative #accessories #3Dprinting

In collaboration with:


During a cross-disciplinarily 

group project we got the opportunity to explore how a digital driver support for forestry workers could look like if nature was the stakeholder.

Focus subject:

Forestry & ecology

#interface #forestecology #software #storytelling

In collaboration with:


Designing and providing inspiration for the visual direction for the Umeå based cycle clothing brand Sigr.

Focus subject:

Clothing & prints

#sportfashion #patternmaking 


Consultant work for:

Sigr logo 70mm_edited.png

A one-day project where I aimed to visualize a wellness vape with a distinguished expression, compared to the existing products on the market. 

Focus subject:

Quick visualization

#CAID #visualization #textures

During this group project we aimed to suggest a service for remote monitoring of heart failure patients. The process proceeded closely with the

user group.

Focus subject:

Medical & co-creation

#regenerative #accessories #3Dprinting

In cooperation with:

JDM final (1)_Sida_32.jpg

The mining machine producer Jama searched for a design manual helping them to expand globally and to enhance their world unique electrical scaling machine.

Focus subject:

Design manual & sketch

#brandidentity  #artdirection #logotype

In collaboration with:


The aim was to come up with a more ergonomic and efficient joystick for harvester machines. With attention to my research findings, I removed the operator from the cabin for a more ergonomic, sustainable, and efficient workflow. 

Focus subject:

Future harvest operations

#interactiondesign #VR 


In collaboration with



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Coming soon

Vertical Thriller

During a modeling course, a made a ski pole handle with an attachable hatched head. Made for fitting in K2 product range and otimized for alpine climbing and skiing. 

Focus subject:

Product modelling

#prototyping #paintwork #decor


During a clay course, with tutoring from Volvo, I made a 1:1 sized tiger saw for the fictive brand Independent, producing repairable and reliable tools of recycled material. Additional to the model a poster was made.

Focus subject:

Clay modelling course

#claywork #photoshop #poster


Coming soon


Currently I'm working on my thesis project about women's childbirth experiences at Swedish hospitals. My aim is to discover which factors contribute to positive versus negative childbirth experiences, and how we can design to have more womben to remember their childbirth experience with emotional wellbeing and empowerment.

Focus subject:

Mind-body connection

In collaboration with:

Photo: permitted use by Jenny DeFlore

#UX  #medical #undistrurbedbirth 


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