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Branding & websites


I have done a few web projects with experience from platforms such as Wix, Squarespace and Webnode. Except from creating the website from scratch, including brand profiling, graphic identity, wireframes, interface, copywriting, SEO, photos and artwork, I also have experience with creating logotypes and commercial advertisement with Google Adds and Meta Adds. 

Eriksson Byggnads


I helped Eriksson Byggnads with everything from creating brand profile, logotype, website, SEO, photography, commercial advertisement and Google Business profile. 

Eriksson Byggnads


Doulasystern is my own little baby. My side business where I as a doula and yogateacher have the privilege to guide and support parents or parents to become in their journey. I created the brand profile, logotype, website, SEO, commercial advertisement and Google presence, etc.

Love Yoga


I have helped Love Yoga with creating pages for their web, artworks and content, within their already existing brand profile.

Love Mama Gravidyoga.PNG


This website was my first website creation. An oldie who deserves some more love and attention but can still serve as an example of work. 

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