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Who am I:

I’m a problem solver and visionary who likes to put ideas to reality. My lust for creativity, force for change, and what some call endless optimism, has given me a lots of experiences. You are more than welcome to ask me about my experience in climate work, women work and start up business. All together I have learned from my failures and successes to become skilled at asking the right questions and creating spaces that allow connection between people. 

My design approach:

I'm guided by my beliefs about our need for changing lifestyles, which leads to rethinking the designer's purpose. To widen our spotlight towards the need of the planet, not only it's people. And to strengthen people to believe in their own knowledge, not giving the power to technology. 

What I'm looking for:

I'm looking for the right company, with good vibes and a great understanding of their existence and goals.​ I wish my co-workers to be curious about alternative solutions, inspiring to work with, and brave to make a difference.

Why work with me:

I’m a fruitful resource to your team with my dual study background in social science and industrial design, in addition with my working background within media production. It makes me approach projects with a holistic view, not isolating the system the user and the product exist within. Due to my experience, I'm very resourceful and comfortable working independently on projects. Although I really enjoy learning and sharing skills within a team.

My greatest strengths:

Fast ideating, creating research-centered concepts, branding, creating and moderating workshops, and paying attention to details. CMF always sparks my mood.  


I’m Lisa, a multidisciplinary designer & doula 



Other experiences
Crafty skills

Umeå Institute of Design
Industrial Design Bachelor Program


Umeå Institute of Design
Industrial Design Intensive


Uppsala University
Social Science Bachelor Program, national economy

Uppsala University
Nature Geography

Global Challenges &
Sustainable Futures

Skvaderns gymnasieskola
Social science, international

2017 - 2021




2016 - 2017


2015 - 2016







2010 - 2013



Volvo Cars

CMF designer 




Product designer, freelance

POC Sports

Product designer, intern

Uminova Innovation
Summer Verification project


Meter Television
Studio manager


Sundsvalls Tidning
Journalist and Photographer

City Vertikalen


2021 - 2023

2021 - 2022



2024 - 

2020 - 2021







2014 - 2016


2012 - 2014


2013 - 2015

Participant at eXpression 12 hour of creativity marathon *winner

Head and founder of UID Climate Group

Communication responsible at
Ställverket and editor of the
student magazine Wozzop


Event manager Feministiskt Initiativ Unga





2019 - 2021

2016 - 2017



2012 - 2013

Program skills

Photoshop, InDesign, Figma
Illustrator, Keyshot Rhinoceros, After Effects, Premiere,

Solidworks, Miro

Modeling in PU, sewing, interior carpentry, Art painting & photography

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