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 {Mother Earth}​

Duration: 4 weeks ​


Collaboration partner:


In a speculative future our group aimed to design a digital driver support for forest harvester, with nature as the primary stakeholder. 

We got to learn about forestry methods, the conflict about our forests and having the joy to suggest a speculative yet useful operaying system.


Lisa Selin (me), Joel Bystedt, Mattias Nordin, Emanuel Berglund, Flora Jameson, Nina Långström 

To develop a digital driver support for forestry workers, with nature as a client.

Project teaser:

I created this video as part of a storytelling course, with the aim of putting together a

3 min long project pitch that was 

engaging, informative, and teasing.  

Final concept:

In this video you will get a closer look at the interface and the interaction with the heads-up display.



Stig-Olof Holm

Lecturer at the Department of Ecology & Environment Sciences, UMU

- "The climate crisis a
question of time & carbon binding solutions"


Magnus Jutterström

Business Developer,

Algoryx Simulations

- "The most effective forestry teams are those who strategically collaborate"


Daniel Ortíz Morales

Engineer, doctor in robotics & crane developer, Cranab

- "Today it takes 2-3 years before an operator is familiar with the system"


Anja Fjellgren Walkeapää 

Head of Sapmi Parliaments youth council & forestry student

- "The operators can treat the area differently from forest owners demands"


Thomas Lundmark

Professor at the Department of Forest Ecology & Management

- "Is not about if we should do forestry or not, is about HOW to do forestry"


Bane the Crane 

Software in a forest harvest machine (speculative interview)

- "I feel neglected when the operator doesn't follow my advices"

From collaborating digitally on a huge Miro board I would like to summarize our findings as follows:

Research key points:

After ideating and prototyping in Figma, we came up
with a final proposal for MoNa's interface:

Final concept explained:

Main learning from project:

I learned a lot about forest ecology & about great & less-great ways of democratic collaboration methods

Possible limitation of concept: 

how well can AI och AR work
Internet disruptions
at the worksite
Pictures & scanning
from drones
The human mind
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