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 {Mother Earth}​

Duration: 4 weeks 

Collaboration partner:


A brand focused project including research in groups, individual ideation process and a final presentation.


Silhouette encouraged us to reflect upon the designers ethics, future distribution solutions and how to handle recycling. The aim of the project was to come up with one or more suggestion for the younger Neubau brand. 


Lisa Selin (me), Joel Bystedt, Mattias Nordin, Emanuel Berglund, Flora Jameson, Nina Långström 

To develop a digital driver support for forestry workers, with nature as a client.

My role:

Moderator of the design process and daily planning

Project teaser

I created this video as part of a storytelling course, with the aim of putting together a

3 min long project pitch that was 

engaging, informative, and teasing.  

Final concept

In this video you will get a closer look at the interface and the interaction with the heads-up display.



Stog-Olof Holm

Senior lecturer at the Department of Ecology & Environment Sciences, UMU

- "The climate crisis a

question of time & carbon binding solutions"


Magnus Jutterström

Business Developer,

Algoryx Simulations

- "The most effective forestry teams are those who strategically collaborates"


Daniel Ortíz Morales

Engineer, doctor in robotics

& crane developer, Cranab

- "Today it takes 2-3 years before an operator is familiar with the system"


Anja Fjellgren Walkeapää 

Head of Sapmi Parliaments youth council & forestry student

- "The operators can treat the area differently from forest owners demands"


Thomas Lundmark

Professor at the Department of Forest Ecology & Management

- "Is not about if we should do forestry or not, is about HOW to do forestry"


Bane the Crane 

Software in a forest harvest machine (speculative thing-interview)

- "I feel neglected when the operator doesn't follow my advices"

From collaborating digitally on a huge Miro board I would like to summarize our findings as follows:

Research key points:

After ideating and prototyping in Figma, we came up

with a final proposal for MoNa's interface:

Final concept explained:

Main learning from project:

My own knowledge about forest ecology skyrocketed & I learned about great & less-great ways of democratic collaboration methods

Possible limitation of concept: 

- Technology how well can AI och AR work
- Internet disruptions at the worksite
- Pictures & scanning from drones
- The human mind
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